Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris Resmi BP3 Kemdikbud untuk Persiapan SNBT 2024

Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris Resmi BP3 Kemdikbud untuk persiapan SNBT 2024 – Balai Pengelolaan Pengujian Pendidikan Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset dan Teknologi (BP3 Kemendikbud Ristek) kini terpilih sebagai pelaksana Seleksi Nasional Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru (SNPMB) 2024.

BP3 Kemendikbud Ristek sendiri sudah merilis contoh simulasi tes guna membantu siswa dalam mempersiapkan diri menghadapi Seleksi Nasional Berdasarkan Tes (SNBT).

Dalam artikel kali ini, Mamikos akan bagikan contoh soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris resmi dari BP3 Kemendikbud Ristek.

Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris Resmi BP3 Kemdikbud

Diketahui, SNBT 2024 akan mengujiankan 3 materi ujian dimana masing-masing memiliki subkomponen tes dalam materi ujiannya.

Salah satu materi yang akan diujiankan dalam SNBT 2024 adalah Literasi Bahasa Inggris.

Dalam artikel kali ini ini, Mamikos sudah rangkumkan beberapa contoh soal literasi Bahasa Inggris SNBT resmi dari BP3 Kemendikbud Ristek yang bisa kamu jadikan bahan diskusi dan pembelajaran di rumah.

Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris

Soal 1

suggested moderating the school competition in order to create a healthy one?

A. Mohades_002
B. Lexi_122
C. Ardillo_87
D. Deepa Kaushik
E. Harish Kumar

Pembahasan: Mohades_002 says that no one can moderate
or control competition. B, C and D do not say anything about moderating the
school competition.

Soal 2

word “persists” in Harish Kumar’s post is closest in meaning to ….

A. occurs
B. remains
C. continues
D. prevails
E. stays

Pembahasan: The meaning of persists is “continues to exist.” Therefore, the best answer is C.

Soal 3

is the tone of the thread regarding the school competition?

A. encouraging
B. passionate
C. objective
D. biased
E. humorous

Pembahasan: The text presents the topic of school competition objectively.

There is no bias in the text and it is obvious that the text does not encourage people to do a particular action and it is far from being passionate or humorous. Therefore, the best answer is C.

Soal 4

Which of the following statements is an opinion from Text 1?

A. These plastics never degrade, but rather break up into smaller sizes.
B. Recycling plastic not only helps the environment and reduces trash, but it also creates more jobs.
C. Plastics should not be going into the ocean in the first place.
D. They eventually become microplastics that stay in the environment for hundreds of  years.
E. Customers are happy to sleep well and use a product that benefits the environment.

A, B, D and E are facts.

Soal 5

What is the relationship between Texts 1 and 2?

A. Text 1 discusses the biodegradable material used in many useful products explained in Text 2.
B. Text 1 explains how biodegradable material can help improve the plastic recycling process discussed in Text 2.
C. Both texts explain what scientists have done to provide plastics which do not harm the environment.
D. Text 2 explains how new plastic material mentioned in Text 1 is recycled to create more jobs.
E. Text 2 discusses the plastic recycling process that has been improved by the research findings explained in Text 1.

Pembahasan: A, B, D and E do not contain correct information.

Soal 6

Based on information from the two texts, which of the following will most likely happen in the future?

A. Plastic waste in the ocean is unavoidable.
B. It is impossible to preserve customer food without biodegradable plastics.
C. Disposing plastic waste into seawater will create more job opportunities.
D. Marine organisms can be used to recycle plastics into pillows.
E. There is no need to completely ban plastic usage from this world.

A, B, C and D do not contain correct information.

Soal 7

What is the main idea of Text 1?

A. Life uncertainty is happening among newly retired people in America.
B. There are some reasons why retirees use their savings.
C. The retirees’ financial condition affects how much they are willing to spend their   savings.
D. Most retirees in America do not use their savings a lot in retirement.
E. How the newly retired people spend their savings is quite similar.

A is wrong because this is only specific information, B is wrong because there
is no information about this in the text, C is wrong because the information is
contrary to the statement in the text, D is correct because this is what the
author wants to say to the readers, E is wrong because there is no information
about this in the text.

Soal 8

Which of the following best restates the second sentence in Paragraph 1 in Text 2?

A. Covering all costs is the first thing to plan in relation to budget expenses.
B. Preparing a budget and drafting a plan of your costs is the first thing you should carry out.
C. Planning and calculating the budget expenses is the first thing to be carried out.
D. Drafting your plan that includes your costs should be done first to prepare a good budget.
E. Budgeting and planning should be prepared first to be able to pay your costs.

A, C, D and E have a different meaning from the sentence in the text.

Soal 9

The purpose of Text 2 is to ….

A. provide advice for newly retired people on how to manage their money in retirement
B. explain the process of managing your expenses during retirement
C. explain how to get a professional financial advisor to manage your savings after you retire
D. discuss what newly retired people should do to monitor their expenses
E. argue which investment is the best for retirement income.

Pembahasan: B, C, D and E are not explained in the text.

Soal 10

Which of the following statements shows the author’s positive attitude toward an investment analyst?

A. For some it’s almost physically painful,” said David John, a senior strategic policy advisor.
B. No doubt this is partly because they are among the last generation of workers to benefit from corporate pensions
C. They’re trying to figure out who they are now that their primary career is over and figuring out what they can and can’t do financially
D. It’s hard to manage your money well in retirement unless you’re realistic about what you have.
E. A financial advisor can help you strategize how to manage and use your money in the years ahead.

A only mentions who David is, i.e. a senior strategic policy advisor. B, C and
D do not talk about an investment analyst.

Nah, itulah contoh soal Literasi dalam Bahasa Inggris resmi dari BP3 Kemendikbud yang bisa Mamikos rangkumkan untuk kamu.

Semoga informasi di atas dapat bermanfaat ya untuk kamu! Jika kamu ingin mencari contoh soal SNBT 2024 lainnya, kamu bisa kunjungi situs blog Mamikos dan temukan informasinya di sana.

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